Atticus Finch









A progressive rock band formed in 1974 in Baltimore, MD from an earlier commercial group. The groupís symphonic rock style possesses a haunted flavor somewhat reminiscent of Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull and similar groups of the time. The original members are:

Jeff Andrews, bass, double bass, percussion

Steve Fingles, keyboards, percussion

Bob Gussio, guitars, soprano recorder, vocals

Rick Gussio, drums, lead vocals, cello, tenor recorder

Bob Kelly, guitars, violin, recorders, trumpet, vocals

Atticus Finchís music was reviewed favorably in German, French, American and Italian rock magazines. Their fan-base extended from the American to European market.  A sample of their music exists on the Best of Baltimoreís Buried LP recorded in 1979. Other sources are tape-based and were distributed by mail order. Check this web site for more information as it becomes available about this interesting group. Specific inquiries or anecdotes are encouraged through this link:


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